EyeDream OrthoK lenses available at Sarah Gibson Optometrist in Wincanton

Myopia is not just a vision problem – Moderate to High myopia (a prescription of over -4D) can cause problems with the long term health of the eyes. (See HERE for more information on Myopia progression)

Live for the WOW

OrthoK lenses are worn overnight and work by gently reshaping the front surface of the eye whilst you sleep. When you take the lenses out in the morning you have clear sharp vision all day. The change is less than the width of a human hair, but the effect is dramatic! No glasses or contact lenses to get lost or in the way.

EyeDream lenses are ideal if you

  • Want clear natural vision all day without the need for specs or lenses
  • Are short sighted with a prescription from -0.75D to -5.00D with astigmatism less than -2.5D
  • Cannot wear standard contact lenses due to dry eye
  • Have an active lifestyle but find contact lenses or glasses restrictive
  • Swim or participate in other water-based activities where standard contact lenses pose an infection risk
  • Have considered laser surgery but are concerned about the associated risks

EyeDream Lenses are suitable for children!

  • OrthoK offers children and parents the best opportunity to reduce or halt the progression of myopia
  • No more lost or broken spectacles or contact lenses
  • Eyedream lenses are worn at night and at home so lens wear and care can be monitored by parents

EyeDream lenses are not available on the NHS and only available on a planned monthly payment programme which includes all ongoing professional eyecare services and supply of lenses and cleaning solutions. Lenses are routinely replaced every 6 months.

The cost per month is £45.00 payable by direct debit. Please enquire for initial fitting costs.

Can young children really wear contact lenses?

There is no lower limit on the age of children who can be fitted with contact lenses. It depends on the maturity of the child and their ability to understand the process and follow instructions – we are happy to fit children as young as 7 years old with appropriate support from a responsible adult. In fact, most children fitted with contact lenses are more responsible and look after their lenses better than many adults we see. It has been shown that children are very responsive to maintaining good habits and hygiene when fitted at a young age.

The fitting and supply of any optical appliance to those under 16 is highly regulated and not permitted by any other than registered optometrists, contact lens opticians and doctors.

Please note the fitting and supply of EyeDream lenses will require a signed informed consent procedure.

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