Dry Eye Assessments

Do you suffer regularly from any of the following complaints?

  • Watery eyes
  • Sore eyes
  • Gritty eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Stinging sensation
  • Bruised feeling around your eyes
  • Frequent blinking to clear your vision
  • A feeling that here is a film over your vision
  • Wanting to rub your eyes
  • Feeling as if your eyes don’t want to open easily in the morning.
  • Red eyelids and  / or crustiness on the eyelashes

If you answered yes to any of the above, and you are wearing appropriate and up to date glasses or contact lenses, then you may be suffering from dry eye disease or tear deficiency.

This is an extremely common condition that seems to affect women more than men and is thought to be present in almost 50% of the population over 60 years of age. Many people have suffered in silence for years with these symptoms, not realising that help is at hand.

If you suffer regularly from any of the above symptoms, or have suffered for a number of years thinking that it was just normal, please call the practice on 01963 34333 to book a Dry Eye Assessment.  (not available on the NHS)

During this first 40 minute appointment we will assess your symptoms and work with you to create a tailored plan to help you get rid of the irritation and manage the disease so you don’t suffer in future. You will require follow up appointments to ensure that the treatment is working and to help you manage the condition in the future.

Dry eye can be caused by a number of factors

  • Smoking
  • Poor diet
  • Auto immune conditions
  • Common medications
    • Diuretics (‘water tablets’)
    • Some antidepressants
    • Antihistamines
    • Some treatments for anxiety and other psychological problems
    • The contraceptive pill
    • Beta-blockers

The symptoms are often aggravated by air conditioning, cold wind, log burners / open fires and prolonged screen use. If you suffer from occasional  or task specific dry eye symptoms then use of good quality, unpreserved artificial tear  drops, can help relieve the symptoms. These work better if they are used regularly, as you would a facial moisturiser  or hair conditioner, rather than waiting for the eyes to become uncomfortable. Prevention is better than cure. We recommend Hyabak as it has no preservative, can used for up to 3 months after opening and contains one of the better moisturising agents, Sodium Hyaluronate.