Macular Degeneration

Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the largest cause of blindness in the over 60’s in the western world. It is estimated that 25% of people over 60 have some signs of AMD.

AMD causes loss of central vision. It will NOT make you completely blind. It will generally affect your ability to read, see small details and to recognise faces. It can make some day to day tasks more difficult in the advanced stages and you may have to give up driving if the vision loss affects your ability to read number plates accurately.

A good diet, rich in leafy green vegetables is said to help maintain a healthy macula and reduce the risk if AMD.

There is a lot of research surrounding the benefits of Nutritional Supplements in people who are showing signs of early macular degeneration – we feel that this research is extremely compelling and would recommend supplements, such as Nutrof Total, to anyone who has been advised that they have early AMD.

Smoking is the biggest modifiable risk factor  for AMD, another good reason to quit!

Sun damage is also a significant factor so make sure you wear sunglasses. The damage is often done early in life, so to reduce your chances of developing AMD you should wear good quality sunglasses from an early age.

There are two main stages of AMD: Dry and Wet


This is the most common form of AMD and has a slower progression than wet ARMD . It generally develops over a long period of time and can affect one or both eyes. It cannot be treated at this time but the evidence shows that taking supplements containing Lutein and Zeoxanthin, in combination with other supplements, can slow the progression of the disease and, in some cases, reverse some of the early signs of the disease such as drusen. We recommend Nutrof Total or, for vegetarians, Viteyes 2 Advanced.


The slightly less common but unfortunately more sight threatening form of AMD is Wet AMD.

Wet AMD is characterised by more noticeable blurring and distortion of central vision, The symptoms can develop quite rapidly and are often noticed as a distortion of straight lines such as door frames or skirting boards. This distortion is caused by fluid leaking from the blood vessels in the macula area. If you notice any distortion in your vision you should request an urgent eye examination as the sooner it is detected the better the treatment outcome is likely to be.

See below for a chart used to determine the presence of macula changes. It is called an amsler chart.

Treatment options for wet AMD include injections into the eye, although there is a lot of ongoing research into preventing and treating this condition. For more information and support for Macular Degeneration