A cataract is not a skin over the front of the eye!

It is a progressive change in the lens within the eye. The lens becomes increasingly opaque so the image becomes unclear and out of focus. This is a natural part of ageing with most patients over the age of 60 showing some signs of cataract formation.

Cataracts can also form as a result of injury or can be triggered by long term use of some medication.

Cataracts can be treated by a routine operation, usually under local anaesthetic. They are not removed by laser. The operation removes the old cloudy lens and replaces it with a new clear plastic lens. Modern surgical techniques mean that you are unlikely to need stitches so recovery is very rapid. New spectacles will be needed after surgery as your prescription will probably be very different, but you may find that you only need reading spectacles. You will normally have to take drops for 2-3 weeks and should finish these before you can have an eye test for new spectacles. We normally recommend waiting 6 weeks after surgery to allow time for your prescription to stabilise.