Spectacle Recycling is BACK …… Yaaay

As many of you know, we used to collect old spectacles that were then sent to be sorted and reused in Third World countries. Unfortunately the charities that offered this collection service stopped doing it some time ago so we were stuck as to how to stop old spectacles going into landfill.

We had to politely refuse donations of old spectacles, which just felt wrong…….Then we came across a company called Recycline. Theirs is a paid-for box scheme, so there is a charge to the practice for these collections, but we believe it is worth it to reduce the potential for tonnes of old spectacles that end up in landfill.

If you have old and broken spectacles sitting around in cupboards and drawers please do bring them in and drop them in the box at reception. Please do NOT put the cases or cloths in the box as these contaminate the waste and take up valuable space in the box.

Once our box is full we send it back to Recycline. They keep track of how much we send back and for every 100 Kilos they plant a tree. We like trees!

From their website……A Bit About Recycline

RecycLine are a zero-waste recycling company specialising in processing difficult waste streams and have been leading the charge in the UK and Europe over the last few years, to solve the problem of handling high volumes of end-of-life spectacles sustainably.

It is estimated that without Recycline’s involvement the total volume of spectacles that would be going to landfill each year in the UK would be as high as two hundred tons, and they currently process only half of that total.

Recycling spectacles is a challenge for general recycling facilities due to the mixed materials used in the manufacturing of spectacle frames and lenses.

At RecycLine, materials used to produce spectacles are separated using bespoke technologies, with the metal being re-used, and the plastic being utilised as aggregates in manufacturing processes as a bulking agent on recyclable products, thus ensuring that materials enter the circular economy and remain there.

Worried about those less fortunate people who were relying on the donation of old spectacles? Don’t be! The charities are still doing their amazing work in the Third World and, thankfully, those less fortunate than us no longer have to rely on our old tired spectacles. Several manufacturers have stepped in and people are now getting brand new spectacles made to their exact prescription.