Introducing MiSight Myopia Control Contact lenses

Is your child shortsighted? We now have another contact lens option available in the practice to help control how short sighted they become.

We have been offering OrthoKeratology (OrthoK) or Overnight Vision Correction with EyeDream lenses for a number of years, but these rigid lenses do not suit everyone. Now we have another option. Misight.

Myopia is not just a vision problem – Moderate to High myopia (a prescription of over -4D) can cause problems with the long term health of the eyes.

There is strong evidence linking increasing myopia with ocular conditions which could result in future sight loss, therefore it is recommended that the MiSight lens should be fitted as early as possible once myopic progression has been established.

Can young children really wear contact lenses?

There is no lower limit on the age of children who can be fitted with contact lenses. It depends on the maturity of the child and their ability to understand the process and follow instructions – we are happy to fit children as young as 7 years old with appropriate support from a responsible adult. In fact, most children fitted with contact lenses are more responsible and look after their lenses better than many adults we see. It has been shown that children are very responsive to maintaining good habits and hygiene when fitted at a young age.

MiSight lenses are not available on the NHS and only available on a planned monthly payment programme which includes all ongoing professional eyecare services and supply of this unique product. The cost per month is £45.00 payable by direct debit. Please enquire for initial fitting costs.

The fitting and supply of any optical appliance to those under 16 is highly regulated and not permitted by any other than registered optometrists, contact lens opticians and doctors.

Please note the fitting and supply of MiSight will require a signed informed consent procedure.

The MiSight lens is available in a range of prescriptions including those in the lower ranges. We would encourage the fitting of children of all ages in order to catch myopia in the early stages. The lenses are not designed to reduce existing Myopia – they can only work towards slowing down the speed of change. This is not an approach that can be dipped in and out of. Once started, there is a commitment to maintain therapy and management.

To learn more about Myopia control and why it is important please click here

To book an appointment for your child to try Myopia control lenses please call the practice on 01963 34333