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Following the PMs announcement of a further lockdown to help stop the spread of the new and more highly transmissible variant of Covid 19 we will remain open for Emergency, Essential and Urgent eyecare, spectacle repairs, collection of new spectacles and contact lenses and eyecare products.

We will maintain our locked door and appointment only policy so please do not attend the practice without first phoning on 01963 34333. We may not be able to let you in and it is cold out there!

We will be operating a “phone and collect” service for any eyecare or spectacle related products you may require.

if you already have an appointment booked please wait for us to contact you to discuss it, unless you wish to cancel the appointment. We WILL get to you all in turn as we may need to book a telephone appointment with the Optometrist to discuss your concerns prior to your face to face appointment. This is to reduce the time spent face to face in the confined space of the consulting room.

We may need to cancel any non essential appointments. Rest assured that if we cancel your appointment you will be given priority appointments when the restrictions are eased.

Please STAY AT HOME if your trip is not essential.

REMEMBER: MAINTAIN YOUR DISTANCE, wear A mask and wash youR hands.

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We are a small independent optician in Wincanton, Somerset. Founded in 2004 by Sarah Gibson, we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of eye-care to the local community and surrounding area.

We are extremely proud to be celebrating over 15 years in business. 


We offer a full range of eye care, including eye examinations, 3D OCT scans of the eyes, Myopia control and dry eye therapies.

We offer personal one to one service and consultancy.

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We offer a full range of services from eye examinations to spectacle fittings. We also operate extra services including OCT scans and DSE/VDU examinations. We stock a wide range of frames and lenses. We are proud to stock chromagen lenses and are experts in sports eyewear and UV protective lenses.

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All About Eyes

Our eyes are the second most complex organ in our bodies. We rely on them every day, yet we don’t give them much thought until something goes wrong and our vision is affected. Find out more about them from the eyelid, to the retina to the optic nerve.

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During the Covid 19 pandemic we are available on 01963 34333 or info@SGOeyecare.co.uk

Please note that during the Covid 19 pandemic we are having to operate by appointment only in order to protect our most vulnerable clients. Please do not just drop in to the practice without first calling as, if we are not expecting you, we may not be able to let you in and we would hate you to have had a wasted journey.

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