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As a contact lens wearer you should follow a few simple rules. These rules are intended to help you get the best out of your contact lenses and ensure that your eyes stay healthy.

Wash your hands before handling your lenses. Poor hygiene is the biggest cause of contact lens related infection. Wear daily Disposable lenses more than once.
Use the appropriate cleaning solution & regime for your lenses as prescribed by your eye-care practitioner. Not all solutions are suitable for all lenses. Sleep in your lenses unless you have been told that it is safe to do so by your eye-care practitioner. Not all lenses are safe to sleep in.
Follow the instructions about when and for how long you can wear your lenses. Over wearing lenses can lead to damage to the eyes. Share Lenses with other people. Contact lenses are a medical device and are prescribed for your needs. They can also transmit infection.
Check your lenses for damage or contamination before you put them in. A damaged lens will be uncomfortable and may harm the eye. Put a lens into a red or sore eye. These are signs of a problem which could be aggravated by lens wear.
Attend for regular aftercare visits with your eye-care practitioner. Not all problems cause immediate discomfort or vision problems. Use tap water, saliva or used solution on your lenses. These liquids are not sterile and harbour organisms that can cause serious infection.
Clean your lens case with lens solution and replace it regularly. A dirty case is another potential source of infection.s Wear lenses in a very dusty or smoky environment, or where there may be chemical fumes. These can be absorbed into the lens and cause discomfort and irritation.
Take your lenses out if they become uncomfortable, you develop a red eye, or your vision changes. These may be signs of a problem which should not be ignored. Use a lens if the packaging is damaged or if the lens is dirty or damaged. You risk infection or damage to the eye.
Contact your eye-care practitioner if you experience any unusual symptoms. We are here to help! Change your lens care solution without consulting your eye-care practitioner. Different solution may not be suitable for your lenses.
  Swim in your lenses unless watertight goggles are worn or you dispose of your lenses immediately afterwards. Lenses will absorb water which can harbour organisms harmful to the eye.



We offer a comprehensive contact lens fitting and aftercare service.

Which lenses should I try?

Before we fit you with lenses we will discuss your personal requirements so that we can find the most suitable lens type for you, or you can print our contact lens questionnaire, fill it in and return it to the practice and we will contact you with our recommendations.

How much will it cost to try them?

Daily wear Soft lens trial - 55

Extended wear soft trial - 85

Gas Permeable trial - from 75

You will need an up-to-date prescription. (less than 6 months old)

I have a complicated prescription. Can I wear lenses?

Contact lenses have changed hugely in the past few years, so even if you have been told in the past that you cant wear lenses, or have tried them and failed for some reason ask again it is very likely that there will be a new lens to suit you.

If I try lenses and get on with them, how much is it going to cost me to carry on wearing them?

The exact cost of the eyecare and lenses will be explained to you on completion of the trial and will depend on the type of lens that has been fitted.


To wear lenses safely and successfully you need to have regular contact lens aftercare appointments. During these appointments we will assess how the lenses are affecting your eyes and discuss any concerns or problems that you may have experienced. We may recommend changes to your lens care regime or even recommend a totally new lens.

EyeplanTM covers the cost of all of these aftercare appointments, including any emergency appointments you may need, and gives you discounts on contact lenses and spectacles.

Aftercare only from 9.95 per month

In addition to your aftercare you can pay for a continuous supply of contact lenses and solutions through EyeplanTM.

Solutions - from 6.50 per month

Standard Monthly Disposable lenses - from 14 per month

Toric / Multifocal Disposable lenses - from 17 per month

Extended Wear Monthly Lenses - from 18 per month

Daily Disposable lenses - from 24 (30 pairs)

Daily Disposable lenses can also be ordered by telephone or email as you need them.(We only supply lenses to Eyeplan registered Clients)

For more information on EyeplanTM click here or contact the practice