ChromagenTM is a Cantor & Nissel product. Click here to learn more about the ChromagenTM system, watch a video clip of a ChromagenTM assessment and read testimonials.

Did you know that many extremely successful people are (or were) dyslexic? Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Sir Winston Churchill, Toya Wilcox, Susan Hampshire, AA Gill, Anthea Turner and Tom Cruise to name but a few.

ChromagenTM lenses, originally designed to enhance colour definition for people with colour blindness, have proved to be very helpful in relieving the problems encountered by some people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

It is, however, necessary to correct all underlying visual defects, such as the need for spectacles, before trying ChromagenTM lenses. If you have not had an eye examination in the last twelve months you will need to have a full eye examination before your ChromagenTM trial can take place.

For more information and resources aimed at helping students and pupils struggling with dyslexia and reading difficulties click here.

If you have found Coloured Overlays to be helpful for reading then ChromagenTM can probably help you.

The lenses are available as either spectacles or contact lenses so are suitable for both children and adults with reading difficulties.

The initial consultation cost is£85 for contact lenses
£75 for spectacles

This includes the following (where appropriate):

  • Assessment of current reading ability using a standard “Rate of Reading” test
  • Assessment to determine optimum colour / colours of lenses required for improvement in ease of reading
  • Reassessment of reading ability with final colour combination
  • Assessment of suitability for contact lens wear
  • Trial fitting of lenses to ensure acceptable fit
  • Instructions on how to insert, remove, and care for your contact lenses
  • Instructions on how to insert, remove, and care for your contact lenses

The contact lenses cost from £280 per pair and require annual replacement. It is hoped that monthly replacement lenses will be available soon.

The spectacle lenses cost from £225 per pair with a slight mirror finish to disguise the lens colour. They are available without the mirror finish from £164 per pair. The lenses can be fitted into any normal spectacle frame and are available as single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses.

Annual replacement, under the Eyeplan scheme, costs from just £29.50 per month for contact lenses and from £17.50 for spectacle lenses.

This fee includes one pair of replacement lenses per year plus the following benefits:

  • Free of charge eye-care
  • Contact lens solution discounts
  • Discounts on additional ChromagenTM lenses (i.e. to replace lost or damaged lenses)
  • Insurance against accidental damage to new spectacles

For full details of the benefits available under Eyeplan please ask for a leaflet. To book an appointment please contact the practice on
01963 34333.

Please advise the person taking your call that you wish to book a ChromagenTM assessment, as these assessments require special booking procedures.

ChromagenTM assessments and lenses are not available under the NHS.

Coloured Overlays for Reading Difficulties

If your reading difficulties are characterised by words that move on the page you may benefit from coloured overlays.

Coloured overlays are sheets of coloured acetate that are placed over text when reading. In most cases only one colour is needed, although occasionally a combination of two or more colours gives a better result.

It is important that you have had a thorough eye examination before booking an overlay assessment, as all underlying defects must be corrected prior to trying the overlays. If you have not had an eye examination in the last twelve months we would be happy to book you in, or you can attend your usual Optometrist and bring the prescription and / or spectacles with you. All children under 16years of age, and students under 19 years that are in full time education, are entitled to a basic NHS eye examination free of charge.

If you or your child would like an assessment to see if coloured overlays would help reduce your reading difficulties please contact us on 01963 34333 or email . When phoning to book an appointment please state that it is for a Coloured Overlay assessment, as you will require a special appointment.

The assessment and overlays are not available under the NHS.
The cost of an assessment is £45. Overlays cost £11 per A4 sheet.